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Good Morning Bak`rofsen Exclusive Interview With Premier

Lord Wedge Cornely has been officially announced as King Forge’s successor in the prestigious role of Premier of Tresario. A distinguished Corellian with a remarkable career spanning nearly a decade in Tresarian Navy was publicly announced soon after being elevated as a Protector in the Sentinels of Tresario. Following the momentous ceremony, the new Premier graced the stage of the popular morning talk show, Good Morning Bak`rofsen, where he engaged in a compelling interview with Tresario’s beloved host, Zeltra Jallex.



Zeltra Jallex: Good morning, Tresario! Our guest this morning became a household name after saving the galaxy in the movie Captain Tresario and now he’s taken a new role, an important role. Please welcome our favorite superhero, esteemed Tresarian Navy officer, and the newly appointed Premier of Tresario, His Excellency, Lord Wedge Cornely!

Wedge Cornely: Thank you, Zeltra! It’s a pleasure to be here, and I must say, being referred to as a superhero certainly brings back some exciting memories.

Zeltra Jallex: We’re thrilled to have you, Your Excellency! First of all, congratulations on your appointment as the second in command for Tresario! What was your first thought?

Wedge Cornely: Thank you, Zeltra! It’s an incredible honor to serve as the Premier of Tresario. When I first received the news, my initial thought was a mixture of excitement, gratitude, and a deep sense of responsibility. I knew that this role would require unwavering dedication and a genuine commitment to the well-being of the Tresarian people.

Zeltra Jallex: Absolutely! Your journey from a renowned Navy officer to the silver screen and now to the realm of politics is quite remarkable. How do you think your previous experiences will shape your approach as the Premier?

Wedge Cornely: Each experience has played a pivotal role in shaping my perspective and values, Zeltra. My time in the Navy instilled in me a deep sense of duty, discipline, and leadership. The silver screen allowed me to connect with people on a different level, to understand the power of storytelling and the impact it can have on shaping hearts and minds. Now, as Premier, I hope to leverage these experiences to lead with empathy, inspire positive change, and ensure that the voices of all Tresarians are heard and valued.

Zeltra Jallex: It’s clear that your journey has prepared you well for this role, Premier Cornely. So, the 15th anniversary is here. Where do you see Tresario going in the next fifteen years under King Ridley and yourself?

Wedge Cornely: The next fifteen years huh? Our focus will be on reform, outreach, and expansion. We aspire for Tresario to venture deeper into the cosmos, driving internal changes and improvements while strengthening our bonds with other factions. This entails exploring the possibilities of forging new alliances and revitalizing past connections. And of course, more Battle Droids.. cough

Zeltra Jallex: Those certainly paint an ambitious vision for the future of Tresario. Can you provide some insights into the specific reforms and initiatives you plan to implement to drive these changes?

Wedge Cornely: One of our key priorities is to enhance governance and promote transparency within the kingdom. We aim to streamline administrative processes, improve accountability, and ensure that the voices of our citizens are heard. We will work towards creating a more inclusive and participatory decision-making framework, where every Tresarian has the opportunity to contribute to the shaping of our future.

In terms of economic development, we will focus on fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. We want to create an environment that nurtures creativity and empowers individuals to turn their ideas into successful ventures.

Additionally, we will prioritize advancements in education and technology. Our goal is to equip our people with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the ever-evolving galactic landscape. We will invest in research and development, establish partnerships with leading academic institutions and industries to ensure a competitive workforce that can contribute to the growth and innovation of our kingdom.

Furthermore, we recognize the importance of a secure and stable Tresario. We will strengthen our defense capabilities and modernize our armed forces to safeguard our interests and protect our citizens.

Zeltra Jallex: Exciting times lie ahead, Lord Cornely. We wish you all the best in your endeavors as you embark on this transformative journey. Thank you for joining us today.

Wedge Cornely: Thank you, Zeltra. Pleasure is mine. Long live Tresario!