Rank Structure

Grade Payscale Throne
TSK-K Classified King.png
TSK-P Classified
Hall of Ministers
HOM-2 55,000,000
Minister of Economic Development Minister of Military Operations Minister of State
HOM-1 50,000,000
Deputy Minister Field Marshall Fleet Admiral Deputy Minister
Flag Officers
F-4 44,000,000
Executive Director General Admiral Adjunct
F-3 40,000,000
Chief Administrator Lieutenant General Vice Admiral Consul General
F-2 36,000,000
Administrator Major General Rear Admiral Consul
F-1 32,000,000
General Manager Brigadier General Commodore Vice Consul
Commisioned Officers
C-4 28,000,000
Deputy General Manager Colonel Captain Adjutant
C-3 24,000,000
Manager Major Commander Assistant Adjutant
C-2 20,000,000
Assistant Manager Captain Lieutenant Commander Senior Attaché
C-1 18,000,000
Foreman First Lieutenant Lieutenant Attaché
Non-Commisioned Officers
N-4 16,000,000
Senior Engineer Second Lieutenant Lieutenant Junior Grade Assistant Attaché
N-3 14,000,000
Engineer Staff Sergeant Chief Petty Officer Senior Aide
N-2 12,000,000
Junior Engineer Sergeant Petty Officer Aide
N-1 10,000,000
Tresarian Army Tresarian Navy
Ministry of Economic Development Ministry of Military Operations Ministry of State