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Kingdom Star Point

Complete Kingdom Patch

The Kingdom Star is one of the highest awards given by Tresario. It has five points to it that may be given individually to a person. Each point represents one of the key principles of the Kingdom.

Loyalty Star

Loyalty – Steadfast allegiance to a cause or government.

This point is given to those that have stood by the Kingdom, unwavering in their devotion to her cause and her people.

Brotherhood Star

Brotherhood – Strong bonds that cannot be easily broken.

This point is given to those that have worked hard to strengthen the bonds the Kingdom’s people by being gracious to all, helping to solve problems between others and helping others whenever they are able to.

Expediency Star

Expediency – Being focused and forward moving towards a goal.

This point is given to those that work towards goals of the Kingdom with extreme speed and efficiency.

Leadership Star

Leadership – Leading others in work of a common goal.

This point is given to those who have shown outstanding leadership qualities and have proven themselves to be able to organize, communicate with and work with a team to the completion of a goal.

Ingenuity Star

Ingenuity – Doing things in new ways.

This point is given to those who create new, more efficient ways to do things then they were done previously or adding something new to the culture or format of Tresario.