Sentinels of Tresario

Founder: King Jude Vatz
Date of Origin: Year 12, Day 145

The Sentinels of Tresario was founded to honor those who have dedicated their entire lives to Tresario, and the cause of Freedom and Liberty for all. Members of the Sentinels are embodiments of Tresarian ideals, and are an example for all. This is the highest honor that can be given in the Kingdom. There are three levels of the ST: Protector, Centurion, and Sovereign. The King of Tresario, who is the Sovereign of the Sentinels, personally bestows the Sentinel on deserving Tresarian citizens who through their actions have contributed to the Kingdom in profound ways. The recipient must swear an oath during the presentation of the order. The words must be spoken out loud and witnessed by four other citizens.

Members of the Sentinels of Tresario are distinguished by wearing a flowing cape as well as having a gold Sentinel emblem, in the shape of the Tikiar, displayed on their left breast. The color of the cape dictates the level of the Sentinel, black for Protectors, gold for Centurions, and crimson red for the Sovereign. Members also carry a ceremonial sword that has a Tikiar on the blade, and has a colored hilt that indicates the level of the Sentinel. All male members of the Sentinels carry the title Lord, and all female members carry the title Lady. A monogram is added to the end of their name, indicating the level of the member in the Sentinels.

The Sentinels of Tresario is hereditary, as such the eldest child, recognized by the Crown, of a Sentinel member retains the title and the lands upon the death of the member.


“I, [full name], do so solemnly swear total allegiance to the Tresarian people and King of Tresario. As a [Protector/Centurion] of the Sentinels of Tresario, I take upon myself the responsibility of safeguarding the Tresarian Crown against all those who would strike it down. I take upon myself the responsibility of preserving the Tresario Star Kingdom in the face of all adversity that it may face. I will never stop upholding the values of Tresario so long as it endures, and will never cease to reignite them should they ever fail. This I swear to do with all my will, my blood, my very life.”

Sovereign (S.S.)

The King of Tresario is the Sovereign of the Sentinels and is addressed as Your Majesty.
– His Majesty, King Jude Vatz
– His Majesty, King Alto Rexar
– His Majesty, King Fooj Iwajo
– His Majesty, King Ridley Forge

Centurion (C.S.)

A Centurion of the Sentinels has the privilege of having Lord or Lady added before their name, and the monogram C.S. added after their name. Only a Protector of the Sentinels may be promoted to the rank of Centurion of the Sentinels.
– Lord Steve Sphinx
– Lord Michael MaCleod

Protector (P.S.)

A Protector of the Sentinels has the privilege of having Lord or Lady added before their name, and the monogram P.S. added after their name.
– His Excellency, Lord Wedge Cornely
– Lord Vernon Foxtail
– Lord Xyler Zero
– Lord Filithell Arborin
– Lord Tal Collan
– Lord Billys Bob
– Lady Ruru Emily
– Lord Xias