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Ministry of State


The Ministry of State is the Tresarian Federal executive department that advises the King and Premier and represents them and the Kingdom in intergalactic affairs, foreign policy issues, legal matters, and all matters of government policy excluding economic development policy and defense policy.

The Ministry of State also is responsible for the enforcement of the law; the administration of justice; management of government revenue; the printing of all paper currency and minting of all coins in circulation; the collection of all federal taxes; management of government debt instruments; the licensing and supervision of banks and thrift institutions; management and conservation of most federal lands and natural resources; the administration of programs relating to Indigenous peoples, territorial affairs, and insular areas of the Tresarian Star Kingdom; development and execution of federal regulations related to farming, forestry, and food; promotion of agricultural trade and production; the assurance of food safety; protection of natural resources; the gathering of economic and demographic data; the setting of industrial standards; occupational safety; setting of wage and hour standards; administration of unemployment insurance benefits; reemployment services; protection and promotion of public health; regulation and licensing of ships and vehicles; transportation safety; regulation of energy standards and production; regulation of education; management of Tresarian University; public security; industrial harmony; brand management; advertising; public relations; sentient resources; general administrative affairs; management of New Dawn Entertainment (Freedom Press/Tresarian News Network); and the promotion of Tresarian Ideals and Values.