Tresarian Dawn

The Tresarian Dawn is a magazine published by Freedom Press, a division of New Dawn Entertainment, Inc.. It covers a variety of topics relating to Tresarian life, politics, and entertainment.


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Issue #1 – Year 18 Day 164
After operating for over 9 years with a staff of 473,000; Tresario News Network today launches into the realm of publishing with the launch of its first magazine. Tresarian Dawn makes its editorial debut today, and I would like to thank all of the staff on the countless hours and long nights to make publishing Tresarian Dawn a reality. As an introduction I am Tresarian Dawn’s Editor in Chief and beginning with our inaugural issue we will learn from one another what a magazine is, and the endless possibilities that it can be, in our always changing galaxy. A magazine is about trust, between the editorial staff and the readers. We will always strive to deliver engaging and relevant content that we hope our readers will find informative and captivating; and that we will build trust with our readers.

We have assembled a best-in-class team of artists, writers, and personalities whose work grace our pages and whose unique experiences bring out their own unique perspectives on the galaxy. I am excited for you to hear from King Jude Vatz on the state of Tresario, and his bold call to action to keep on fighting to bring freedom to the galaxy, through our daily contributions to Tresarian Society. One story in this issue that I particularly like because it resonates with me as Tresarian Dawn makes its long awaited introduction to the galaxy is a story of perseverance as the Marku Monks make their reemergence to the galaxy.

Stay with us and expect more, Tresario to you!

Issue #2 – Year 18 Day 264
The entire staff at Tresario Dawn is very appreciative of the positive reception and outpouring of support that we received in response to our inaugural issue, from you the readers. We are thrilled that we were able to positively engage with you on issues that we felt were important to cover.

In this issue, we head to Bal`demnic, dubbed across the Star Kingdom as the Fashion Capital of the Stars, where we jump into Bal`demnic Fashion Week; one of the primary annual social events for the Tresarian high society, where we will discover the newest trends for this Summer Season and as usual, you can expect the long tradition of glamour to continue as the color Tresarian Gold once again is a main staple of this season; and because we are in Bal`demnic, the signature color Bal`demnic Blue will be heavily featured during Fashion Week.

In an exciting exclusive interview, we hear from the intergalactic sensation, Executor Guinar Ndengin, on his five years as Emperor, his lasting-legacy, and what the future holds for him in his new role. What exciting times as the Executor begins his new journey; Tresarians are embarking on a new journey as well, The Beginning of a New Tresarian Dawn.

Tresario to you!