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University of Tresario Plans Research Outpost on Till Chorios

Bal`demnic (TNN) – The University of Tresario is pleased to announce its recent success in the study of an extinct, pre-hyperspace level civilization. Analysis of faint signals emanating from the Meridian sector led researchers to the remote planet of Till Chorios, where preliminary surveys found the ruins of a civilization that died out before advancing beyond primitive communication technologies.

Research team discovers long abandoned ruins

Tresarian archaeologists investigating ruins off the coast of the planet’s northern ocean hypothesize that a series of natural disasters caused the collapse of the primitive society responsible for the construction of the megastructures. Lannera Sontebren, professor of xenoarchaeology at the University of Tresario, commented on the research team’s findings. “Our team began excavation in what appeared to be a residential district of the ancient city. We discovered multiple layers of destroyed buildings constructed in the same locations and dating to a relatively short time span. Additionally, we found mass gravesites from the same time period with the vast majority of bodies showing signs of severe injuries. We’re very pleased with our findings so far, and the Ministry of State has seen the promise in our research and agreed to fund a grant to construct a more permanent outpost at the ruins.”

TSK Army engineers assist in constructing outpost

In response to an inquiry, the office of the Minister of State issued the following statement: “Tresario has always been supportive of the sciences, and this expedition has great potential to improve our understanding of this long extinct civilization. In addition to funding the grant, the Ministry of State and Ministry of Military Operations have agreed to dispatch officers from the Tresario Star Kingdom Army’s engineering corps to assist in the construction of the research outpost.”