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Many Heads, One Tale

Bal`demnic (TNN) – As the sun rises on Bal`demnic, a sense of excitement and pride fills the air, for today marks the coronation of Premier Sir Ridley Forge as the new ruler of the illustrious Tresario Star Kingdom. Revered throughout Tresario as a ‘man of the people’, Sir Ridley’s rise to power has kindled a spark of hope among the realm’s citizens. His ascendancy symbolizes a seamless transition of leadership at the highest levels within Tresario, marking the dawn of a new saga for the kingdom.

Following extensive deliberations and a unanimous vote, the members of House Tresario were as one in their support for the new King’s candidacy, citing his unwavering dedication to duty, steadfast leadership, and heartfelt commitment to the well-being of the realm. The resounding endorsement from House Tresario is echoed throughout the Tresario Star Kingdom, as the citizenry looks forward to an ever-brighter and more prosperous future under the leadership of King Ridley and his Ministers.

Tresarian Army Stages a Massive Military Parade

The coronation ceremony took place within the magnificent Liberty Hall of Kalayaan Palace, the historic venue that has witnessed the rise of Tresario’s monarchs throughout the ages. Adorned in regal attire befitting his newfound position, King Ridley stood at the heart of the grand hall with great solemnity and unwavering resolve as he took the sacred oath, swearing allegiance to the Tresario Star Kingdom and its esteemed principles. The atmosphere was one of reverence and anticipation as the kingdom’s new sovereign prepared to embark on his noble journey.

In a stirring address delivered to the gathered audience at Kalayaan Palace and broadcast to the far reaches of the galaxy, King Ridley Forge stood before his loyal subjects. The grand hall fell silent, every eye fixed upon the new sovereign, eager to hear his first words as the ruler of the Tresario Star Kingdom. With humility and grace, King Ridley Forge began his speech.

“Esteemed citizens of the Tresario Star Kingdom, today marks the beginning of a new chapter in our history—a chapter filled with promise, unity, and unwavering dedication to our cherished traditions. I stand before you not as a king who claims power, but as a servant who embraces the responsibilities entrusted to me. I am deeply humbled by your confidence and the support you have shown me throughout my journey to sovereign.”

“Freedom is the lifeblood of our kingdom—a fundamental right that empowers us to dream, to explore, and to shape our own destinies. It is through freedom that innovation thrives, our diversity flourishes, and the true potential of each and every citizen can be fulfilled. Today, I reaffirm our unwavering commitment to protecting and upholding the freedom that is the bedrock of our society.”

King Ridley Forge S.S. M.F Sworn In and Crowned

“But let us also remember the remarkable achievements of my predecessor, King Fooj Iwajo. Under his wise leadership, our kingdom experienced unprecedented growth and prosperity. King Fooj’s tireless efforts in promoting diplomacy, enhancing our economy, and strengthening our military, all whilst protecting the well-being of our people, have laid a strong foundation for the bright future that awaits us. We owe a debt of gratitude to King Fooj Iwajo for his selfless dedication and the legacy he leaves behind. It is our collective responsibility to ensure that we honor the progress made under King Fooj’s reign and carry forward his vision of a prosperous and harmonious realm.”

The gravity of King Ridley’s responsibilities was evident in his demeanor, which conveyed an unwavering determination to overcome any challenge that might present itself. The new King’s words have been embraced as a genuine pledge, solidifying his resolute leadership that will propel the Tresario Star Kingdom into a new era of growth and success. His speech concluded with a powerful message.

“Let us celebrate our diversity, for it is the richness of our differences that shall inspire innovation and progress. Each of you, in your own unique way, contributes to the tapestry of our kingdom. I implore you to embrace your roles with passion, knowing that every voice matters and every action has the power to shape our collective destiny. Long Live Tresario!”

Vibrant Parade Highlights Tresario’s Rich Heritage

Amidst the jubilant atmosphere of the coronation, the Tresario Star Kingdom comes alive in a dual celebration as its citizens also honor the momentous occasion of Tresario Founding Day. This cherished day holds deep significance, marking the anniversary of the kingdom’s inception fifteen years ago, when the visionary leader, King Falnor Urthadar, laid the cornerstone of this prosperous realm. Throughout the kingdom, a sense of gratitude and remembrance fills the air, paying homage to the ruler whose foresight and wisdom paved the way for a free and flourishing nation. The spirit of unity and appreciation resonates within every citizen as they reflect upon the remarkable journey that brought them to this momentous day.

The festivities commenced at dawn, spreading their vibrant charm not only across the streets of Bal`demnic but also to the far reaches of the Tresario Star Kingdom. Colorful parades, resplendent with the cultural tapestries of each planet, filled the air on countless worlds. Citizens from all walks of life, hailing from diverse backgrounds, adorned themselves in traditional attire, proudly representing their unique heritage. As the joyful processions wound their way through the bustling streets and majestic plazas of numerous planets, the spirit of unity and shared identity echoed throughout the kingdom. Melodies of celebration intertwined with the scents of scintillating delicacies, filling the atmosphere with a palpable sense of jubilation and fostering a bond of camaraderie that transcended planetary boundaries.

As Tresario Star Kingdom enters this new chapter, the galaxy watches with rapt attention, eagerly anticipating the saga that unfolds—the tale of a realm led by a benevolent ruler, poised to shape its destiny.

University of Tresario Plans Research Outpost on Till Chorios

Bal`demnic (TNN) – The University of Tresario is pleased to announce its recent success in the study of an extinct, pre-hyperspace level civilization. Analysis of faint signals emanating from the Meridian sector led researchers to the remote planet of Till Chorios, where preliminary surveys found the ruins of a civilization that died out before advancing beyond primitive communication technologies.

Research team discovers long abandoned ruins

Tresarian archaeologists investigating ruins off the coast of the planet’s northern ocean hypothesize that a series of natural disasters caused the collapse of the primitive society responsible for the construction of the megastructures. Lannera Sontebren, professor of xenoarchaeology at the University of Tresario, commented on the research team’s findings. “Our team began excavation in what appeared to be a residential district of the ancient city. We discovered multiple layers of destroyed buildings constructed in the same locations and dating to a relatively short time span. Additionally, we found mass gravesites from the same time period with the vast majority of bodies showing signs of severe injuries. We’re very pleased with our findings so far, and the Ministry of State has seen the promise in our research and agreed to fund a grant to construct a more permanent outpost at the ruins.”

TSK Army engineers assist in constructing outpost

In response to an inquiry, the office of the Minister of State issued the following statement: “Tresario has always been supportive of the sciences, and this expedition has great potential to improve our understanding of this long extinct civilization. In addition to funding the grant, the Ministry of State and Ministry of Military Operations have agreed to dispatch officers from the Tresario Star Kingdom Army’s engineering corps to assist in the construction of the research outpost.”

IU Strikes Against Terror

Cejansij (TNN) – Planets controlled by the Resistance and Jedi Order came under attack on Y21 D139 as Black Sun and the Tresario Star Kingdom launched strikes against rebel-aligned territories in the Mid and Outer Rim. In weeks prior, spokesmen for both Black Sun and Tresario promised retaliation against the Resistance and Jedi in response to attacks on planetary governments friendly to the Galactic Empire and Faerytail Family, commenting that the defenses of many neighboring rebel strongholds had been severely weakened by the collapse of the New Republic, as well as the recent sudden increase in investment by the Resistance and Jedi to operations inciting insurgency on distant Imperial Union worlds.

In the Resistance-controlled Halla sector, a Tresarian fleet spearheaded by the Super Star Destroyer TMS Tresario, swiftly established a beachhead in the sparsely defended Cejansij system. Shortly after the victory, Tresarian Minister of Military Operations, Lord Xias, issued a press release expressing Tresario’s intent to seize territories controlled by the Resistance and Jedi Order, saying, “In response to continued threats and aggression by both the Resistance and the Jedi Order following the fall of the New Republic—including assaults on worlds under the governorship of our allies, as well as our own interests—the Ministry of Military Operations, at the direction of the King, has today dispatched elements of the Tresarian Navy and Army to seize control of Jedi and Resistance planets in the Auril, Tennuutta, and Halla sectors. I have dispatched our military with orders to pacify and bring these territories under a degree of peaceful control. Taking these planets will deny safe bases to rebel terrorists and will form an expanded buffer zone to protect Tresarian citizens from the naked hostility displayed by these murderous malcontents unable to accept the peaceful transition of power. All persons in these sectors who now find themselves under the jurisdiction of the Tresario Star Kingdom will be granted full Tresarian citizenship under the Crown, complete with all rights attendant thereto.”

In a display of Imperial Union coordination designed to put maximum pressure on the Resistance’s defensive efforts, Black Sun’s Blades of the Forgotten Prince, led by Star Destroyers BSS Defiant and BSS Destructive Prophecy, launched attacks on the Resistance systems of Camden and Antmuel while the Tresarian fleet hit Cejansij. Speaking after the victory above Camden, Vigo of Defence Thrall Lothbrok emphasized Black Sun’s desire to remove the rebel presence from the borders of its territory, “Peace was never an option to these terrorists who spread fear and war throughout the galaxy. The unlawful attacks on our allies have been cowardly and intentionally negligent, putting untold billions of lives at risk for ego and vanity. Black Sun will not stand by and let this continue, and at the command of Dark Prince Knight I have deployed military assets in order to pacify and seize control of the Resistance worlds and bases in the sectors of Chopani and Morshdine, denying those who would stand in the way of order and peace a safe haven in the north.”

While many of the remaining bases boast powerful defenses, Tresarian analysts expect the Resistance and Jedi to be defeated within a week or two at most. Without the support of the New Republic, the two groups simply lack the manpower to resist determined assaults while simultaneously sending the bulk of their forces to attack planets on the other side of the galaxy. Once these last holdouts fall, citizens of Imperial Union planets in the galactic north will be safe from the threat of rebel terrorists lurking on their borders.

King Rexar Steps Down

King Rexar Retires, Appoints Sir Fooj Iwajo Successor

Bal`demnic (TNN) – Earlier today, His Majesty, King Alto Rexar S.S. M.F. signed documents formalizing his abdication and elevating Fleet Admiral, Sir Fooj Iwajo C.F. to the office of Sovereign of Tresario.

In a statement to the media, Minister of State, Dame Sydney von Ismay spoke on the legacy of King Rexar, saying, “The Tresario Star Kingdom has always been a flourishing citizen-led and citizen-centered government. After nearly a decade of service to Tresario, including almost two years as our beloved Sovereign, King Rexar will set aside the Crown and return to his roots in the Tresario Star Kingdom Army. We will forever remember King Rexar’s lasting contributions and enduring sacrifice for Tresario. Thanks to his outstanding leadership and unwavering tenacity during one of the most pivotal crossroads in Tresarian history, the Kingdom emerged from the tumultuous times following the death of King Jude Vatz as a vibrant and thriving nation. Even in retirement, the legacy of King Rexar’s leadership will continue long into the future, embodied within the spirits of the countless citizens whose growth he nurtured.”

King Rexar’s successor, Sir Fooj Iwajo got his start when he enlisted in the Royal Anzatan Commonwealth Navy (RACN) as a mid-adolescent. By the time the Anzatan Commonwealth united with the Tresario Star Kingdom in late Year 15, Fooj had risen to the rank of Sub Commander. He continued to pursue his military career as a member of the Tresarian Navy’s newly formed Anzat Core Fleet, and his dedication and talent earned him the esteem of his superiors as he steadily rose through the ranks. In Year 17, he became commanding officer of the Anzat Core Fleet, and in Year 19 he was appointed Fleet Admiral of the Tresarian Navy.

Speaking on Fooj’s qualifications in an interview with TNN, King Rexar’s second-in-command, Lord Vernon Foxtail said, “Sir Iwajo has been instrumental in building a thriving culture and steering the course of our military. His infectious optimism, fervor for helping others, and unflinching steel are an inspiration to us all, and give me great confidence for the future of Tresario.”

All Quiet on the Krmar Front

Bal`demnic (TNN) – For weeks, Tresarian Peacekeeping Forces have been on the ground supporting the democratically elected government of Krmar II, the Faerytail Family, in defending their homeland against the terrorist organization the Archduchy of Tolonda. After a failure to secure power on Krmar II through legitimate political processes, Tolonda, with support from its ally, the New Republic, has invaded Krmar II and is attempting to seize power by force. Small squads of Tolondan and Republican soldiers have been spotted at various locations on Krmar II, but following the capture of Corey Vildras by Faerytail forces on Day 70, they have avoided confrontation with any of the Imperial Union troops deployed to defend the planet.


Mid-morning on Day 89, Tresarian scouts reported sightings of Margrave Adin Cole, a member of Tolonda’s Royal Council, accompanied by a small group of Tolondan troops near one of Tolonda’s encampments in the northern hemisphere of Krmar II. Tresarian forces responded quickly, surrounding the Margrave and pressing the attack before any reinforcements could arrive. In the ensuing firefight, Cole and his retinue were all fatally wounded or killed.

Premier Vernon Foxtail released a brief statement, shortly after the incident: “The Imperial Union is leading the fight in the galactic war against terrorism. When possible we are bringing terrorists to justice, and when necessary we are bringing justice to the terrorists. That is the fate that Tresarian forces delivered to the terrorist Cole. The Tresario Star Kingdom and the Imperial Union do not recognize the attempted forcible incorporation of Krmar II into the Archduchy of Tolonda; and we are committed to the cause of the people of Krmar II and their democratically elected government, Faerytail Family.”

When asked to comment on the Union’s military cooperation on the battlefields of Krmar II, King-Father Simkin Dragoneel had to say the following: “I’m really proud of the effective strategy that we came up with during our defense of the citizens of Krmar II from the rule of chaos and mismanagement that is currently threatening the planet. Even though the fighting has been raging for almost a month now we are still holding firm. We are also extremely pleased with the teamwork and cooperation that has been shown by our allies in the Tresario Star Kingdom. Their various forces that came to help were integrated seamlessly and their skill and solidarity has resulted in the elimination of another member of the Duchy’s nobility. The Faerytail Family has been a member of the Imperial Union for a little over six months now, but examples such as this make us feel welcome and valued.”


While the Union’s war on tyranny, corruption and orderlessness rages on throughout the galaxy, the defense of Krmar has been rather costless and mostly uneventful. Due to the lack of significant resistance and the fact that no Imperial Union troops have been lost, frontline reports from the Tresarian Ministry of Military Operations merely state that “all [is] quiet on the Krmar front”.


Bal`demnic (TNN) – The TNN logo covers the screen before fading out to a live feed of a Chadra-Fan reporter standing in a large hall, crowded by individuals from dozens of species. Above the noise of the large crowd, the Chadra-Fan can be heard speaking. “Good evening Tresarians and sentients across the galaxy. This is Chuu’Ruth speaking live at Liberty Hall, inside the heart of the Kingdom. Rumors circulated earlier today that House Tresario would soon make an announcement about their decision regarding the succession of the King. A large crowd has gathered here waiting eagerly to hear their decision. House Tresario, which is made up of the nobility of Tresario, has gathered for the last week to select the new monarch of the Kingdom.” Chuu’Ruth pauses as the murmurs begin to get louder. “And I can see now that several members of House Tresario have walked onto the stage. It appears the leader of the assembly, Lord Xias, is about to make an announcement.”

A Falleen in a long black tunic approaches the center of the stage. The crowd settles down as he speaks. “Thank you for gathering today. Though Tresario mourns the loss of a great Falleen, it is our duty to forge a new path forward. It was decided by the Hall of Ministers and the late Sovereign’s personal advisors that it would be best for the Kingdom to have the heir of King Vatz confirmed by the leaders and people of Tresario. It is my pleasure to announce that House Tresario has unanimously agreed to confirm His Majesty, King Alto Rexar as the new Sovereign of Tresario!”

As the crowd cheers, Lord Xias stepped aside, allowing the new Sovereign to address the Kingdom. The Trandoshan confidently steps up to the podium and looks out to the audience.

“Citizens of Tresario, Friends of the Imperial Union, and all galactic sentients, today I have the honor and privilege to address you for the first time as King of Tresario. I speak to you now, during this period of profound mourning and loss, to reminisce about our past and dream about our future. King Vatz will remain forever ensconced in our hearts, inspiring and motivating us daily to continue on his legacy and to continue the fight for freedom. He was a fearless leader, a dear friend, and a true statesman. Not just to me but to the Hall of Ministers, the people of Tresario, and the galaxy at large. His life and legacy will be remembered and cherished by all.

If someone had approached me a few weeks ago, asking what it would feel like to ascend to the throne of one of the galaxy’s greatest governments, I would have said ‘Great, but I’ll pass.’ To be the King of billions of loyal, freedom-loving individuals who look up to you and trust you with their lives must surely feel overwhelmingly fortunate and fill your soul with pride. On the other side, from what I’ve learned during my four-year tenure as Premier at King Vatz’s side, the amount of work, pressure and responsibility pressing on your shoulders can be stifling. I would have never seen myself capable of carrying this weight.

Yet, here I stand as Tresario’s new King, and it turns out I was mistaken. Does it feel great? No, at least not yet. All I can feel right now is the pain and sorrow of losing my friend and mentor of many years. Do I have what it takes to serve and lead Tresario as her King, do I deserve the executive authority that the nobles of House Tresario and, implicitly, the late King Vatz have invested in me? I will leave that for history to judge. What I do know for sure, however, and what I have never been wrong about, is my dedication to Tresario, her people and her ideals. From the day I joined the Kingdom, until now, and hopefully for many years to come, I have always been trying to do my best, support and improve the Kingdom in any possible way. Tresario has given so much to me and with each day that I live and serve I hope I can give something back, and if that ultimately means leading the Kingdom, so be it.”

The King pauses letting his words hang for a moment, then Trandoshan smiles as he finishes.

“Although these days are darkened by the shadow King Vatz’s passing has cast over them, this is not the first tragedy we have managed to rise above. And once again, I can see Tresario’s future bright ahead. Long Live Tresario!”

King Rexar leaves the stage with the applause of the audience. The screen moves back to the Chadra-Fan reporter. “Well you’ve heard it here. With the full support of the Hall of Ministers, House Tresario and Tresarians everywhere, only one more thing needs to be said. Long live the King.” The screen pans again to the cheering audience and then fades back to the TNN logo.

Put Your Head on My Shoulder

Bal`demnic (TNN) – It is with deep sadness and extreme sorrow that we announce the passing of His Majesty, King Jude Vatz, Sovereign of the Tresario Star Kingdom, Sovereign of the Sentinels of Tresario, Marshall of the Order of Tresarian Freedom, Peer of the Order of the Noblest Rukhar, Nathran of Clan Eu’maios, Patron of the Tikiars, and Citizen of the Tresario Star Kingdom.


King Vatz devoted his life to the cause of Freedom for the people of the galaxy. Beginning his career in the Falleen Federation, he was drawn to the Tresario Star Kingdom by his friend Landion Domic, then Viceroy of the Kingdom. Rising through the ranks, he became Minister of Governmental Affairs, and later had a short tenure as Premier. With the retirement of Viceroy Domic, King Vatz was chosen to succeed him. He lead the Kingdom from a small nation to one of great galactic prominence and influence. His leadership extended beyond the borders of even the Federation, becoming Secretary-General of the Galactic Alliance. As the Kingdom grew, King Vatz knew Tresarians needed their own voice in galactic affairs. After unsuccessful conversations with the Federation, he led the Kingdom to independence, forging Tresario into a galactic powerhouse. Working with new allies to secure Tresarian influence and security, he aided in the rebirth of the Imperial Union, overseeing the continued growth of the Kingdom.

In these final years, King Vatz was diagnosed with a rare disease. Keeping this information to a handful of advisors and friends, he continued his work overseeing the government. His mind remained his most powerful weapon as he saw to the protection of the Kingdom. On Day 47 of Year 19 he eventually crossed the great divide, leaving a legacy unrivaled in Tresarian history. A funeral was recently held in the capital of the Kingdom, where countless Tresarians paid their respects to the Sovereign of seven years.


Upon hearing the news, Tresario’s allies have sent statements of support to the Kingdom. Emperor Seele stated that, “[King Vatz] was one of the most staunch and capable leaders we have enjoyed within the Imperial Union. His intellect, insight, and strong sense of strategic purpose was a source of counsel to myself and also Lord Ndengin when he was Emperor. This is a loss that is felt not just by the citizens of the Tresarian Kingdom, but also the entire Imperial Union.” In a release from Black Sun, Dark Prince Knight said “The news of King Vatz’s passing has sent ripples through the galaxy. When someone of such immense character leaves us, we are never the same. To the citizens of the Tresario Star Kingdom, Black Sun is with you in this time of sorrow.”

Aside from allies, beings across the galaxy have reached out upon hearing the news of the King. Dac Kain, galactic businessman and friend of King Vatz issued this statement upon hearing the news: “Both Aly and I are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of our dear friend, [King Vatz]. While aware this day could come, that does not soften the blow nor ease the pain of loss. [King Vatz] was a wonderful friend and will be greatly missed. Friends like [King Vatz] are hard to find, even harder to lose, and impossible to forget. The entire Mecrotica family extends our deepest sympathies to the Tresarian people and all those he left behind.”

In a historic occasion, the nobility of Tresario are assembled to confirm the succession of the heir to the throne. As they meet, the legacy and vision of King Vatz remains a steadfast guide. They are expected to make an announcement in the coming days. A memorial honoring the late Sovereign will be held in the following weeks.

Ghost in the Machines

Bal`demnic (TNN) – Following several weeks of tense skirmishes on the sparsely populated planet of Serroco, Death Watch has officially announced their withdrawal from the planet. This announcement was met by celebration within the Tresario Star Kingdom forces, marking a decisive victory against the self-proclaimed heirs of Mandalorian culture. Tresarian Soldiers can be seen breaking out barrels of local Tresarian liquor, Kahn’s Wraith, as Death Watch transports ascended into orbit.

The conflict began shortly after a scheduled, routine goodwill visit by Tresarian and Galactic Empire forces, where they participated in training exercises, in an effort to bring some stability to the region after months of unrest and shifting political control. Following the training exercise, the Galactic Empire forces returned to Imperial space, while the Tresarian forces remained to continue their humanitarian efforts. TNN reporters were in the sole population center on Serroco reporting on the remainder of the mission when Death Watch forces led by Peter Max were spotted advancing into the Serroco system. Upon receiving word of the impending attack, the Tresarian military resolved to meet them on the battlefield, and defend the local populace from invasion. While the first two days saw Death Watch make several strong strikes against Tresarian forces, the battle quickly changed to the Star Kingdom’s favor.

“It seems Death Watch felt the best strategy for this conflict was to send their very best soldiers into the battle first,” reported legendary Tresarian Admiral Sir Xyler Athrun Zero, a member of the command staff on the ground with the troops. “While this proved to be a challenge at first, our skilled military officers and our overwhelming supply of Cerberus-made battle droids proved to turn the tide.”

Death Watch sought to retain control of the battlefield with reinforcements from the Zann Consortium. Few soldiers were able to aid the mercenary forces however, with territorial issues taking most of Zann’s resources away from Serroco. The lack of coordination, heavy loss of warriors, and lack of reinforcements appeared to have had a detrimental effect on Death Watch.

According to reports from Tresarian military command, nearly 600 Death Watch Mandalorian warriors were killed in action, including several highly trained warriors who died early in the conflict. On Tresario’s part, the estimated cost of battle droids lost is a little more than eight million credits. Thankfully, few Tresarian officers were wounded, and none were killed, during the battle thanks to skilled tactics. Due to the bravery and valiant courage of those Tresarians, no civilians or non-combatants were harmed during the conflict. Soon after Death Watch’s retreat from Serroco, Tresarian forces held a small vigil to honor the fallen Death Watch warriors, and cremate those that Death Watch was unable to recover.

The battle saw victories for the Star Kingdom beyond simple statistics and casualty lists. One such victory was the rescue of several allied soldiers. As the attack occurred on the heels of a training exercise with the Galactic Empire, several Stormtroopers tasked with final logistical duties were captured by Death Watch in the first wave of attacks. Thanks to the heroic actions of several Tresarian soldiers, one of whom is rumored to be the famed Tresarian hero, Captain Tresario, the Stormtroopers were rescued from behind enemy lines. The soldiers are currently en route to Imperial space to be reunited with loved ones.

As celebrations continue, Tresarian forces are proceeding with a clean up operation under the command of Fleet Admiral Sir Kevin Wolff. The operation is going smoothly, with only slight harassment by retreating Death Watch forces, and an attack by a Mandalorian warrior who has been identified as Anon Drekk of Aliit V’r’caah. Drekk attempted to ambush Fleet Admiral Wolff before several Tresarian officers fended off his tactically poor attack. Star Kingdom forces are expected to return to Tresarian space after measures have been taken to help protect the citizens of Serroco from counter attacks by Death Watch.

Minister of Military Operations Sir Zeff Traner is reportedly pleased with the results of the operation, though he feels that Tresarian military forces can improve even more in the future. While it is believed that this is not the last time Tresarian forces will face off against the mercenaries, Tresarian military leadership feels confident that the combination of well-trained officers, superior hardware and quick coordination will continue to keep the Star Kingdom safe for the foreseeable future.

TMS Honour The Fallen in system Serroco (100, 195).