Shielded Planets Protocol

By order of the Hall of Ministers circa Y12.292

Section I. Requesting Access

All shield requests are handled by the Office of the Premier. To request access to a Tresarian shielded planet, you must Darkness Message the Premier with the following information:

  1. Handle
  2. Faction Affiliation
  3. Asset(s) you wish to retrieve

Section II. Access To Restricted Planets

On restricted worlds you have two options to obtain the asset(s) you are after:

  1. You may ask that a Tresarian in good standing bring your asset(s) to orbit. (Entities that cannot be docked must be made over to the Tresario Star Kingdom for retrieval.)
  2. You may sell the asset(s) in question to Tresario Star Kingdom at fair market value.

Section III. Shield Access

Standard protocol for shield access:

  1. Shield access is granted for a period of no more than 24-hours.
  2. Access is completely denied to any faction or person(s) affiliated with or aligned with the Galactic Alliance
  3. Access requests are taken case by case, Tresario Star Kingdom reserves the right to deny any case with no cause given.

Section IV. Shielded Planets

The following planets fall under the Shielded Planets Protocols and access can be requested in accordance with Section I. of this protocol.

Ku`Bakai II
Ku`Bakai IV
Forscan I
Forscan II
Forscan VI
Murkhana II
Murkhana III