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Ghost in the Machines

Bal`demnic (TNN) – Following several weeks of tense skirmishes on the sparsely populated planet of Serroco, Death Watch has officially announced their withdrawal from the planet. This announcement was met by celebration within the Tresario Star Kingdom forces, marking a decisive victory against the self-proclaimed heirs of Mandalorian culture. Tresarian Soldiers can be seen breaking out barrels of local Tresarian liquor, Kahn’s Wraith, as Death Watch transports ascended into orbit.

The conflict began shortly after a scheduled, routine goodwill visit by Tresarian and Galactic Empire forces, where they participated in training exercises, in an effort to bring some stability to the region after months of unrest and shifting political control. Following the training exercise, the Galactic Empire forces returned to Imperial space, while the Tresarian forces remained to continue their humanitarian efforts. TNN reporters were in the sole population center on Serroco reporting on the remainder of the mission when Death Watch forces led by Peter Max were spotted advancing into the Serroco system. Upon receiving word of the impending attack, the Tresarian military resolved to meet them on the battlefield, and defend the local populace from invasion. While the first two days saw Death Watch make several strong strikes against Tresarian forces, the battle quickly changed to the Star Kingdom’s favor.

“It seems Death Watch felt the best strategy for this conflict was to send their very best soldiers into the battle first,” reported legendary Tresarian Admiral Sir Xyler Athrun Zero, a member of the command staff on the ground with the troops. “While this proved to be a challenge at first, our skilled military officers and our overwhelming supply of Cerberus-made battle droids proved to turn the tide.”

Death Watch sought to retain control of the battlefield with reinforcements from the Zann Consortium. Few soldiers were able to aid the mercenary forces however, with territorial issues taking most of Zann’s resources away from Serroco. The lack of coordination, heavy loss of warriors, and lack of reinforcements appeared to have had a detrimental effect on Death Watch.

According to reports from Tresarian military command, nearly 600 Death Watch Mandalorian warriors were killed in action, including several highly trained warriors who died early in the conflict. On Tresario’s part, the estimated cost of battle droids lost is a little more than eight million credits. Thankfully, few Tresarian officers were wounded, and none were killed, during the battle thanks to skilled tactics. Due to the bravery and valiant courage of those Tresarians, no civilians or non-combatants were harmed during the conflict. Soon after Death Watch’s retreat from Serroco, Tresarian forces held a small vigil to honor the fallen Death Watch warriors, and cremate those that Death Watch was unable to recover.

The battle saw victories for the Star Kingdom beyond simple statistics and casualty lists. One such victory was the rescue of several allied soldiers. As the attack occurred on the heels of a training exercise with the Galactic Empire, several Stormtroopers tasked with final logistical duties were captured by Death Watch in the first wave of attacks. Thanks to the heroic actions of several Tresarian soldiers, one of whom is rumored to be the famed Tresarian hero, Captain Tresario, the Stormtroopers were rescued from behind enemy lines. The soldiers are currently en route to Imperial space to be reunited with loved ones.

As celebrations continue, Tresarian forces are proceeding with a clean up operation under the command of Fleet Admiral Sir Kevin Wolff. The operation is going smoothly, with only slight harassment by retreating Death Watch forces, and an attack by a Mandalorian warrior who has been identified as Anon Drekk of Aliit V’r’caah. Drekk attempted to ambush Fleet Admiral Wolff before several Tresarian officers fended off his tactically poor attack. Star Kingdom forces are expected to return to Tresarian space after measures have been taken to help protect the citizens of Serroco from counter attacks by Death Watch.

Minister of Military Operations Sir Zeff Traner is reportedly pleased with the results of the operation, though he feels that Tresarian military forces can improve even more in the future. While it is believed that this is not the last time Tresarian forces will face off against the mercenaries, Tresarian military leadership feels confident that the combination of well-trained officers, superior hardware and quick coordination will continue to keep the Star Kingdom safe for the foreseeable future.

TMS Honour The Fallen in system Serroco (100, 195).