A Fallen Star

Earlier today, King Rexar, the majority of the Hall of Ministers and some of the Kingdom’s highest-ranking military officers were seen entering Kalayaan Castle for an unscheduled emergency session of the Tresarian Security Council regarding the kidnapping of Senior Engineer Helen Hawk and her subsequent extradition to the New Republic.
After a few short hours of thorough discussion, the King, Premier Foxtail, Ministers MaCleod and von Ismay, and Fleet Admiral Iwajo, released an official statement:

“On Day 336 of Year 19, a little under a week ago, treason, tragedy and terror struck our great Kingdom. Senior Engineer Helen Hawk, one of our newer naturalized citizens, who had joined us after a long hiatus following her resignation from leading the terrorist organization “The eXiles”, a known affiliate organization of the terroristic Galactic Alliance. She asked to be tested for force sensitivity by former Fleet Admiral of Tresario, Sir Kevin Wolff. Knowing that the New Republic still had a bounty on her head, she trusted Wolff, one of Tresario’s longest-serving and most experienced Tikiars, and bravely walked onto his ship, expecting a friend but finding none. Unfortunately, the latter did not return this trust, and restrained her, only to extradite her to the terrorist organization that is the New Republic. In accordance with the principle of freedom, the Tresario Star Kingdom unequivocally and categorically opposes trafficking in all persons; no cause, no movement, no ideal, can justify the intentional kidnapping and trafficking in people by any moral or ethical standard.

I am not entirely sure what motivated him to conduct this cowardly act of treason; it may have been greed, eagerness to gain reputation for his new Guild, or just outright hatred towards Tresario. But no matter the reason, his actions speak for themselves. Although I had intended to avoid such hostilities between Tresario and those who I considered to be friends, by disregarding the advice of many of my Royal Advisors, and proceeding to sign the BHG House Agreement in order to ensure the peaceful coexistence of two groups that share a lot of history, I was gruesomely disappointed by the tragic events that occurred last week.

Wolff acted with intent when he carried out this premeditated kidnapping. By his actions, he deliberately exploited the spirit of the Agreement. This was a violent and hostile act against Tresario, her values, and her People. It was an act of war, to which the Tresario Star Kingdom will respond with equal harshness.

Therefore, on Day 343 of Year 19, the Tresario Star Kingdom withdraws from the House Agreement and declares war on the Bounty Hunters Guild. Further, the Bounty Hunters Guild is declared a terrorist organization. Kevin Wolff, Guildmaster of the Bounty Hunters Guild, is to be considered a severe danger to Tresarian citizens. He is accused of High Treason, Kidnapping, Trafficking in Persons, Terrorism, and Formation of and Membership in a Terrorist Organization. Former Huntmaster of Tresario, Sir Takar Resk, is a collaborateur, knowing about Wolff’s plans but failing to prevent them. He is accused of Treason, Misprision of High Crimes, and Membership in a Terrorist Organization. Both individuals are armed, dangerous, and to be arrested on sight.

The fate of Senior Engineer Hawk sadly remains unknown, but according to her request, Tresario will not attempt to negotiate for her release with the rebel terrorists. Although she was only with us for a short time, she will be remembered as a loyal Tresarian, unwillingly succeeding in uncovering what for many was just a faint suspicion.

Long Live Tresario!”

A New Taste of Freedom: the Tresarian Government advances Data Protection

Bal`demnic (TNN) – Large swaths of the southeastern quadrant of the galaxy are still dealing with the aftermath of a string of alarmingly malicious data breaches on companies, news organizations, and data storage centers, primarily on the planets of Malastare, Yelsain, and Pelgrin. Many organizations have found that they have lax data protection safeguards in place, and are ill prepared in dealing with the fallout from a data breach. In light of technological advances in the field and considering the recent data breaches across the galactic southeast, the Tresarian Government has recently taken steps to strengthen its data protection regimes, further secure its data infrastructure and platforms, and the construction of innovative and transformative state-of-the-art facilities to remain on the cutting edge of data security without sacrificing Tresarian quality.

Once again the Kingdom has turned to legendary developer Lady Ruru Emily, to lead the Star Kingdom forward in the construction of the new facilities, which include new corporate offices, printing press facility, and broadcasting facilities for Tresarian News Network and Freedom Press; as well as new Data Center for the Tresarian Government. Lady Emily is also said to be leading a renovation/modernization of the Tresarian Library and Archives with Sir Clive Redrum. The Tresarian Government and the Tresarian News Network are also taking this opportunity to release new completely rebuilt Holosites, which were developed in collaboration with Amazing Web Services, built on BlazingDawn system and powered by the new TikiarNET artificial intelligence platform.

The TikiarNET artificial intelligence platform is currently in the process of migrating and encrypting the Tresarian National Citizen Registry to the new Data Center. As part of the data migration, the Tresarian Ministry of State is asking citizens to upgrade their National Citizen accounts on the new Data Registration portal by accessing Comlink Frequency – #TKRN-F7K43Z291.